Loop Habit (App) – I’m obsessed w/ goals.

Don’t you just love it when your work life inspires your real life? Well, I’m excited.

I need to credit my boss for this one. At the start of the year, she had our team lay out our 2017 career goals and suggested that we also practice setting daily goals: 3-5 realistic tasks to accomplish to help us prioritize and be purposeful of our day. Good idea, right? No… GREAT idea. This seemingly simple act completely changed how I approached my work. It also spawned an entirely different obsession of trying to find the right planner to help me get organized (another obsession, for another day).

This process worked out so well for me these past few months that I thought, “if only I could apply this to my home life.” A long-winded way of telling you how much I love this app I’m using called Loop Habit.

In short, this is a habit tracking app. Using it has helped me keep track of a handful of things I want to turn into daily habits in my health, love life, family life, personal growth and emotional state. I track daily wins like drinking enough water, to limiting my alcohol (tough one), and also to remind myself to feel grateful everyday and to make time for things like reading. I might not be doing this app justice, but trust me, I am completely geeking out on the inside.

I compared 3 different “Editor’s Choice” habit/goal setting apps: Loop Habit, HabitBull and HabitHub. After downloading them all and giving them each a whirl, I decided to stick with Loop Habit for it’s ease of use and clean design. I loved that it was so beautifully uncomplicated. Because after all, your goals can be complicated enough as is, why should tracking them be difficult?

The Look


Habit Loop lists all your habits on one screen, across multiple days. This helps track which habits you are doing well with and which needs work.

What I will say is that I wish they had the capability to catch trends. For instance, on the days I don’t exercise, do I also sleep less? I feel like that’s probably a tall order, but an order I’d still like to make. Hey, a girl can dream.








Clicking on each individual habit breaks down the stats of that habit even further. It gives you the score of your habit’s strength, your progress vs last month, your longest streak, and so on. To be honest, I haven’t found a use for this breakdown yet, since I did just start this thing. But I’ll update as soon as it becomes populated with more stats.







The Feels

At the end of the day, all I need in life is something simple that works. Or so I tell myself. I wouldn’t be such a fantastic obsessor if that were completely true. But as far as this app goes, it’s simplicity might as well be a mirror into my soul….. Or something a little less dramatic. Loop Habit is saving me. It keeps me accountable each day for living the kind of life I want to live and I’m grateful for it. Did I mention this app was free?

(Checking “Be grateful” off my list for the day.)





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